Luton, Texas.


Born in the hardened projects of the Appalachian foothills in down town Manhattan, Alabama, Billy met his musical partner, 'Jaguar' while the two of them were doing time for aggravated haddock rustling, then against Ohio State law.

 Convicted by all 5 judges of immorality it wasn't long before they had fashioned crude musical instruments from anything they could find inside jail. Planks of wood, spoons, a microphone they found hidden in a nail file and a small rodent called Gerald. After 17 hard, brutal minutes in jail Billy and 'Jaguar' were released on health grounds.

The prison governor came to believe his health was in danger if he didn't let them out, although he later described the pair as '...disturbed, depraved and probably concealing a loaded marmoset.' Their first gig outside of Joliete was poorly attended.

Two confused and possibly drunk tourists were the duo's only crowd in Bingo Wings, Illinois. Rather than cancel the show Billy and 'Jaguar' made the most of the situation by playing the gig and then having the tourists, Henry Harding and Kev North, stuffed and mounted as their first fans. Luton, Texas is their tale.

A tale of optimism, hope, horses, despair and at least one alligator death on a roller coaster in Florida.


Track List


1   Rodrigo

2   Life On The Road

3   Deep South

4   Reno

5   Don't Change

6   Losing My Mind

7   Another Day

8   Luton, Texas

9   State Of The Onion